127 Energy adds solar + storage microgrid to Napa Valley castle winery

127 Energy announced it has completed a 556-kWh battery storage microgrid for Castello di Amorosa, one of the most popular wineries in Napa Valley.

The company deployed a microgrid integrating with 450 kW of new solar PV as well as dispatchable backup generation already installed onsite. Using advanced and remotely accessed power controls, the microgrid provides Castello di Amorosa with an independent power supply during frequent utility grid outages. During times of normal operations, the microgrid reduces utility energy charges and demand charges, resulting in significant operational savings for the winery.

“Due to fire risks and skyrocketing power prices, commercial business owners in California are taking matters into their own hands. Castello di Amorosa, Centrica Business Solutions, and Sungrow were great partners on this project and our collaboration exemplifies how innovative teams can solve daunting environmental and energy-related challenges,” said Mark Crowdis, CEO of 127 Energy.

Castello di Amorosa, the famed castle winery that includes acres of 13th-century inspired Tuscan architecture, suffered damage from the 2020 Glass Fire. The battery storage microgrid provides a striking juxtaposition of resilient, clean energy technology against the backdrop of historic castle grounds.

“While the Castello is infamous for its old-world graciousness and historical grandeur, this project illustrates our commitment to addressing the challenges climate change poses to our industry. We are grateful for 127 Energy’s innovative technology and its seamless integration with the sustainable practices upon which the winery was first founded,” said Georg Salzner, president of Castello di Amorosa.

News item from 127 Energy

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